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99 Cent Only Store Dinner Challenge!!

Dinner from items only found at the 99 Cent Store?!?! The girls were very excited when I told them they were going to cook dinner tonight, until I told them all they could use were items from the 99 Cent Store. I knew it could be done because I love the 99 Cent Store for fruits and vegetables, or simple things like canned goods. They on the other hand only think of the toys, candy and coloring books we get from there. So they were pleasantly surprised when we found the produce aisle.

Some items freaked them out, Sardines in tomato sauce?!? Morgan was less then impressed if you can’t tell.

Here’s what made it to the menu:

– Salad with fresh cucumber, croutons and ranch

– crescent rolls stuffed with prego, cheese, and meatballs

– mashed potatoes and cheese

– homemade smoothies for dessert

They did it all themselves also, and had a blast!! They were so surprised with how easy and fun it was to put it all together!!

I have to say the finished product was really really good!! We are planning to make this challenge a weekly thing with different obstacles.

They thinks it’s just so much fun and I think I don’t have to cook!

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